A glimpse into my own art making process

So, I haven’t posted for a while because I was traveling and *trying* to gracefully handle a lot of transitions as the summer winds down and this window of freedom I got starts to close (I got a 3 month leave of absence from work this summer, which gave me time to enjoy myself with arts and the like).

I decided to share one piece I made this summer. The last one. And start to explain how it came about. I will post later on the previous pieces that led to this one.

So, it all started as I was walking down the street where I lived this summer (W 87th near the park) and noticed a couple of buildings undergoing major renovations. They had “demo” bins outside with lots of discarded materials. I walked by a few times but at first was uninspired by the old pieces of plywood full of nails with trash piled on them. However, one day, I saw those pieces of flexible pine wood (I didn’t know what it was at the time) and a few planks from an old massive wood table. I also found a dark wood night stand in a trash bag on another neighborhood block.

So, on a rainy day, not knowing exactly what I would do with all this, I packed everything up and brought it to the studio.

I started by dis-assembling all the pieces I had and playing with the flexible material that had inspired me. I really liked this drop shape I was able to make with just a piece of wire. By the way, this is 1/8 inch wire right there on the picture. For those who read the Brooklyn bridge post, it might make you shiver 😉


art flexible pine wood and wire spatial construction

I didn’t have a fully formed plan but I was thinking I would combine it with the other larger piece of flexible wood that I got and that you see on the table in the picture.

However, when I came back the next day, the second piece was gone! I didn’t want the “drop” shape to have to stand on a rail-like structure like the one you see on the pic. I wanted it to hold by itself. So I kept trying different things and found that I managed to make it hold in this new shape:

art flexible pine wood and wire recycling

Aerial view

art flexible pine wood and wire recycling

Front view

art flexible pine wood and wire recycling

Same construction with white paint

As you can see, I also added pieces of wood from those other materials I had found. What I really enjoyed about this piece is how experimental it is. It is fully modular and can be dis-assembled as pieces are only connected through sockets and fit together like Lego pieces. It actually has a couple of configurations that I like. I also started to partially paint the flexible wood as you can see on this other picture. And the piece is balancing owing to the use of weights and counter-weights (that is the Calder inspiration): the dark wood pieces are much lighter than the natural-looking piece of wood on the right.

So to me it is a piece about motion and balance, and how some things that at first seem impossible can be made to work if you keep at it and let your creative energy flow.

And I would love to hear your reactions !


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