A scattered mind in New York – skyscrapers, ferry boats and galleries

So, summer is back, and I’m in this fascinating city again. Still trying to apprehend it. That’s the mystery of New York.

It’s a cognitive challenge. You can’t take it all in in a short amount of time. No matter how much you walk the streets and explore you feel like you can’t exhaust the possibilities, you can’t quite embrace it all in one view. Except when flying over, or moving away from the density of Manhattan on a ferry boat. But that view is misleading, superficial. From afar the skyscrapers seem to be little more than an architect’s model. So how do you reconcile that with the experience of working in them? Where going from one floor to another, making meetings, trying to make whatever project you are working on come to fruition, can fill entire days. How can they be so tiny, and loom so large in some people’s lives?

paulus hook ; jersey city ; view of WFC world financial center ; freedom tower ; hudson river ferry

WFC and Freedom Tower from Paulus Hook, NJ

Midtown, nyc, ferry, paulus hook, empire state

Midtown from the ferry

One of the many challenges of the city.

New York is the promise of vibrancy, energy, stimulation, supposed to be the very essence and definition of the lively city. Yet sometimes it seems to have yielded entirely to the power of money, to be under a spell where the main currency is not only the size of your bank account, but also that of the accompanying ego. How much snobbery, condescendence, and indifference to human interaction you can muster seems, for some, to be the measure of success and ultimate proof of existence.

This week-end, however, I am setting out to find real life in NYC. I mean, down to earth, friendly people willing to connect with their fellow human beings, art, creativity, cute little coffee shops, etc. Today I spent time in a little corner of the Lower East Side that I had a real “coup de coeur” for. Literally, a “heart kick”, if that means anything to English-speaking readers. The French equivalent of “love at first site”, but happily disconnected from any literal meaning. Anyways, more on this later- I have to go back and take more pictures to report out. But for now a couple of pictures from a cool little gallery I encountered. They have a lovely exhibition called Eccentric Abstraction. This is just one, but I discovered the below Houston portions of Orchard St & Ludlow st have many of them. 😉


I loved this cotton candy like material. Makes me want to eat the piece 🙂

Frosch & Portman ; gallery ; lower east side, richard allen morris, abstract art, nyc, les

Richard Allen Morris, Point of View, 2010

Amazing texture in this middle piece. It’s paint only, yet looks like mixed media with pieces of tape in it. I know, the picture is not so great.

David Hayward. frosch portman, lower east side, les, nyc, gallery, eccentric abstraction

David Hayward, Frosch Portmann gallery, NYC


Excuse my scattered brain for today. It’s a NY state of mind. And the fact that I haven’t written in a while. A lot of topics are competing for my attention to get on this web page. So I will have to promise more posts to follow to give them all a chance. There is one about how New York is an American city. One about French cult(ure) in New York. One about the vibrancy of the LES. etc… perhaps one about apartment searching in NY. surely more about where the commercial and the creative meet.

And in the mean time, please bear with my monkey mind, and excuse the absence of a wise parting line. It’s also part of life to not always deliver what you want. And you still have not much choice but to take it in stride. Perhaps a little bitterness today? 😉


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