Amazing art to see in January in NY

I have yet to fully write these posts, but want to let you know about two shows you have to see in NY right now.

The first one is Chris Ofili at the New Museum. Stunning work by this British artist with African connections. Three floors, three different styles, all unified by amazing work on color. Bright hues with a primal quality in a series of small portraits on the second floor ; very dark images that slowly reveal their depth and rich blues and purples on the third floor ; expressionists meet matisse in an explosion of colors and shapes on the last floor.

Chris Ofili ; New Museum

Chris Ofili at the New Museum, last floor

The other one is Josef Kudelka, a czech photographer, showing 12 panoramic black and white pictures at the Pace gallery in Chelsea. The photographs were taken throughout the world, yet they are unified in the way they express a sense of the beauty and mystery. Some go to the very mundane, small details, of a scene but somehow manage to make a whole world come alive through them. Very close range shots of columns in Greece make us see textures and an order we wouldn’t know could be conveyed through pure matter. Some show sweeping perspectives to make us grasp beauty or history.

More on those, and some pics, soon, but I had to share while there is still time to go see those shows.


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