NY winter pictures

New York is, of course, in our collective imagination, almost the very definition of a city. However, perhaps in a quest to somehow escape it while I also get to know it, I often find myself drawn to its edges, surrounded by sky and water, with tree branches and birds in my photo frame. That’s one of the many paradoxes, and the beauty, of New York. The density and ultimate artificiality of neon-light times square are only blocks away from the open views of the hudson river park.

So, for those who need a bit of an escape, here are a few pictures from walks on the West Side

I like how the water tanks create interesting shapes and resonate with other buildings. One early (snowy) morning picture, and one nightfall picture.

empire state building water tank nyc skyine snow in nyc

Empire state and water tank from the high line on a foggy morning

Nightfall w water tank in chelsea

Nightfall w water tank in chelsea

Bright light of day and mystery of night lights on the west side highway.

Hudson river park, snowy morning, new jersey, manhattan west side

Morning in Hudson river park

West side highway, manhattan, nyc, nightfall, chelsea

West side highway at nightfall

Silhouettes on the high line.

High line ,hudson yards ,nyc

Silhouettes on the high line on a cold winter afternoon

Chelsea market ; sunset ; nyc ; high line

Near Chelsea market at sunset

That’s it for today. Just a few pictures to share some NY winter moments.


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