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My art pieces collage mixed media creative process

Things I made in the summer 2013

Thanks for visiting this page. I started this blog in the summer 2013.

After 5 years working in management consulting post graduate school, I really needed to regenerate, and needed a chance to express my creative energy. I had done some painting and drawing before starting this job, particularly towards the end of my Econ PhD, but hadn’t been able to really focus on arts afterwards. I set time aside for it at times but just didn’t have the energy.

So, when I decided to ask for a leave of absence from my work this summer for 3 months, and got it, I quickly packed up my things and left off for New York. I also got to travel to Europe. And I knew one of the things I needed was to get closer to arts again, and to do something creative. I was at a point where I would hurt inside every time I went to visit a museum or exhibition. I enjoyed it but part of me was just screaming “what about me? I want to make art too”.

I first took more of a “hobbyist” class that met once a week and then turned to the Arts Student League, which offered a full time class in an amazingly vibrant environment. It wasn’t just about making art but also about experiencing things differently, opening up to the urban landscape, and to the city’s numerous art shows and museums, with a renewed energy.

Came the end of summer, and the perspective of going back to work, and I felt I wanted to share all of my impressions. As I started writing, a theme emerged: the creative process, and how to look at art, or at any human construction, with an eye to the process rather than just the result. Because that is where the true human energy and spirit lie and for me, that is the most inspirational angle. So I hope you enjoy it, leave comments, engage with the content on this blog, and in this way contribute to helping me keep this going as I figure out how to bring some of that energy into my work life.


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